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Last Updated: Friday February 27 2009 18:45 GMT

We stop bad parking outside our school

The traffic wardens

Gavin joins the junior wardens

Press Packers Darius, Rebecca, Aqeel, Khushali, Ilwad, Darsh and Deveshi patrol near their school to stop parents parking badly.

Here's their story.

"In Year 7 we work hard to make a difference to our school community and this helps us become better citizens.

We were worried that the road outside our school was not safe because adults dropping children off for school and collecting them in the afternoon were parking on the yellow zig zag lines and across drives blocking the road.

It wasn't safe for children to cross the road or for children to get out of the cars.

Some of the Harrow Road Safety pupils

Pupils' thoughts on school traffic

We decided that we needed to do something about it and so as part of our school travel plan we set up two junior road safety officers.

These safety officers go outside with Year 7s before school to check how safely the adults were parking.

We wear bright yellow road safety vests and we have clip boards.

We note down the number plates of the cars that do not park safely and we speak politely to the drivers to ask them to park further away from the school.

The road safety team at work
The road safety team at work
We have been doing our duties for some months now and we are really pleased that it has made the road outside our school safer.

Now some adults park further away and walk along the road and some walk every day.

We are proud of our work and that we have made a difference to the safety of the children who are at our school."

Darius, Rebecca, Aqeel, Khushali and Ilwad Y7, and Darsh and Deveshi Y5, Harrow, England.

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