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Last Updated: Wednesday March 04 2009 10:33 GMT

I won a sailing competition

Ellen and her boat

Press Packer Ellen, 11, loves sailing and when she took part in the Burghfield Sailing Club Winter Open she won!

Here's her story.

"On 31 January I went to Burghfield Sailing Club Winter Open. There were 170 boats in total and these were divided into four fleets - gold, silver, bronze and regatta.

I was in the bronze fleet and there were about 40 boats in this fleet. Your ability and experience determined which fleet you were in.

Long course

Gold fleet were first to go out followed by silver fleet, then finally bronze fleet.

Ellen and her trophy

We got onto the start line and the buzzer went for the five minutes until we could cross the start line.

All the boats in the fleet were waiting. Finally, the one minute buzzer went and everyone was getting ready. When the buzzer sounded for us to go everyone was across the line.

The course was a long one, and it took about 40 minutes to complete. On the first race I finished in 11th place out of the 40.

On the second race I finished 1st and was so shocked! After the second race, we went in for lunch with lots of hot food.


In the afternoon, the wind had picked up a bit but was still freezing. When the third race had started I was in shock again because I was at the front and finished the race 1st again!

On the fourth and final race I came 3rd and by this time the wind had picked up a lot and people were capsizing all over the place.

I couldn't believe it when I looked at the results and found I was first with five points, as when you do four races your worst score gets discarded.

I had never come first in an event before and could not wait for the prize-giving.

I sat with my friends at the prize-giving and waited until my name was called out. I won a glass tankard and a small sailing bag."

Ellen, 11, Southampton, England

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