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Last Updated: Thursday February 26 2009 16:25 GMT

Lots of kids miss school each day

Kids playing in playground at school

New figures show that more than 230,000 pupils in England miss at least one day of school every week - and the figure is going up.

Maddy went along to visit a school in London where they've got a hi-tech solution to stop kids cutting class.

The parents of pupils who are not there when the register is called get an automatic telephone call to see why their child isn't at school.

For some pupils this system has helped them get to school each day.

Maddy spoke to Katy, 10, who wanted to go to school, but was away a lot.

She often missed school because her sister or one of her four brothers was ill or they slept in after a late night.

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Maddy finds out about a hi-tech truancy solution a lot of schools use

Now she gets in to school early for breakfast club and has these tips for others who find it hard to get to school: "Always go to bed early, eat your dinner early and don't watch TV late at night."

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the number of kids missing school is also a problem, and they're all working on different ways of tackling the problem.