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Last Updated: Thursday February 26 2009 07:48 GMT

We designed a Formula One car

the Caldew Lea Comets

Press Packers Abbie, Emily, Lucy, Amber, Luke and Louis entered a competition to design a Formula One car and they won the primary school section.

Here's their story.

"When we entered the competition we had to think of a name for ourselves and we decided on the Caldew Lea Comets.

We had to design a logo (which was created by Emily). After that we each designed a scale mini car and tested them in a virtual wind tunnel.

Emily and Abbie's design was chosen because it was the fastest.

Their car
The car the Comets designed


We entered the regionals in Manchester and we won trophies for the fastest D-type car (which is a different shape to the normal Formula One car) and were the winners for the regional primary school.

During the day we had to put on a presentation in front of the judges. We discussed our portfolio, which went through the process we had gone through from naming ourselves to designing the car and raising the money to make it.


In January 2009 we travelled to Birmingham for the national finals where we competed against nine other primary schools.

We were delighted to win the national finals and received gold medals and a large trophy.

We have also been invited to Silverstone to go in the pits and meet some of the Grand Prix drivers.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this experience. We developed our problem solving skills, team work and designed our own cars.

We have learnt a lot and look forward to travelling to Silverstone later this year."

Abbie, Emily, Lucy, Amber, Luke and Louis, Year 6, Cumbria

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