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Last Updated: Thursday February 26 2009 11:35 GMT

In pics: Adam investigates school's poo problem

Adam spots some goose poo

Adam went to a school in Wolverhampton where a flock of Canada Geese are causing loads of problems by using the school playing field as a toilet!

Bird poo

The bird poo is making the pitch too slippery to do games on, and the kids are getting really fed up.

Adam and Graham

The problem's got so bad that the school has brought in pest controller Graham Rees to keep the birds of the pitch.

Graham Rees with his dog and a hawk

Graham plans to scare the birds away without hurting them, with a little help from his dog Kai, and his hawk Ernie.

Graham Rees with the hawk

Graham said his animals won't hurt the geese, but the birds will think they're being hunted and will fly away.