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Last Updated: Thursday February 26 2009 17:14 GMT

School hit by goose poo problems

Adam gets a whiff of the school's playing field problems

A school playing field in Wolverhampton is out of bounds because a flock of geese have covered it in bird poo!

Canadian Geese nesting at a nearby lake have been using the field at Perton First School as a toilet, and it's caused loads of problems.

The footie team had to cancel a match because the smelly green poo has made the pitch too slippery to play on.

So the school has decided to take action by getting in a pest controller to scare away the birds.

Bird poo
Graham Rees will use his hawk and his dog to keep the geese off the pitch. The plan is to scare the birds away without hurting them.

He told Newsround: "We'll come here in the morning, let Ernie go and let Kai run around the field.

"He'll never hurt the geese but they'll think they're being hunted and will take flight."

Pupils are hoping the plan will work because they're getting really fed up.

Big problem

Chloe told Newsround: "You can't have any lessons outside in case we tread in all the goose droppings."

How to scare away poo-ing geese

Jack, eight, said: "They get all poo on the ground and we can't play football."

Toby, nine, said: "Mrs Hopkins, our football teacher, has been blowing the whistle at them, but they just won't seem to budge."

They reckon one of the reasons the birds have become a big problem is because people are feeding bread to the geese.

Not only does it attract the birds - it can also make them really sick too, as birds should only really be fed birdseed.