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Last Updated: Wednesday February 25 2009 12:39 GMT

I'm a graffiti artist

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Watch Solveig doing graffiti

Press Packer Solveig, 11, has been designing graffiti art for three years. Adults can't believe she does it on her own.

Here's her story.

"I saw people doing graffiti around Brighton where I live and thought it would be nice to try it.

I do my graffiti on walls I'm allowed to draw on, but it's not a good idea to do it anywhere is that is illegal.

At first I was a bit scared of the size of the wall and trying to cover it all but as soon as I got going it was the last thing on my mind.

Solveig with one her designs
Solveig with one her designs
My second painting was really big and it wasn't any harder to do than the first one.

When I make a piece I design it first in my sketch book before I go to the wall.

I really love to make scenes or pictures with characters as I think it makes it more interesting.

My inspiration comes from a lot of different places, I try to make every painting different from the last.


I like the response I get from adults when they see my work, many of them think I get help but when they watch they can see that's not what happens.

Solveig with her Newsround design
Solveig with her Newsround design

Sometimes I wonder if I will still do graffiti when I am older, I like to think I will as I love drawing and stuff but if not perhaps I'll be doing something else exciting."

Solveig, 11, Brighton, England

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