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Last Updated: Wednesday February 25 2009 10:44 GMT

Gaming + school = maths lessons?

Maddy tries out one of the consoles with pupils in Scotland

If you got caught playing on a games console in class it would probably be taken away, but for some pupils in Scotland it's part of their lessons.

Kids are using "brain training" games on handheld consoles to try to improve their maths skills.

Although gaming is seen as a waste of time by some people, research for the Scottish government has found it can be good for your brain.

But not everyone's convinced, partly because of the cost of the consoles.

Maddy chats to kids about gaming in lessons

Katie Ivens from the Campaign for Real Education says she thinks it's "a crazy idea".

"We know that these games are fun and I'm sure they're popular, and if schools have money to burn by all means let them buy games to play at break, but in the end children need to learn maths."

Maddy tries out one of the consoles with pupils in Scotland

Derek Robertson from Learning and Teaching Scotland, which is behind the idea of using the consoles in class, says it's a good way of helping pupils learn.

But it costs about £3,000 for each school to buy the consoles and critics still need convincing it's worth it.