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Last Updated: Tuesday February 24 2009 19:27 GMT

Quiz: Dancing

Dancers' feet

Question 1

What sort of dancers have metal plates on the toes and heels of their shoes?

A: Ballet dancers
B: Tap dancers
C: Morris dancers

Question 2

In ballet, what are you doing if you perform a pirouette?

A: Turning
B: Jumping
C: Kicking

Question 3

Which of these Latin dances is said to be based on a bull fight?

A: Cha cha cha
B: Rumba
C: Paso Doble

Question 4

Natural turns, reverse turns and change steps are the three steps that make up which ballroom dance?

A: Waltz
B: Tango
C: Foxtrot

Question 5

Bells are part of the traditional costume for which sort of dance?

A: Morris dancing
B: Street dancing
C: Ballet dancing

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