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Last Updated: Tuesday February 24 2009 07:06 GMT

My sister had anorexia

Emily's sister had anorexia

Press Packer Emily, 11, was really worried when her sister had anorexia.

Here's her story.

"My sister got anorexia when I was about eight and a half. It was horrible.

Almost every day there would be fights and everyone moaning at each other all the time.

Mostly because she wasn't eating enough, or because she was doing too much exercise.

She went to the doctors one day when I was at school.

During lunch time I was told to go down to the office and my dad was there to tell me she had to go to a special hospital for a few months.


The way I felt then was horrible. I had to leave early so we could take her there.

That was probably the worst car journey I've ever had.

Thankfully we could still visit her every week for an hour, and as she was getting better. Sometimes she could even come back for the weekend.


It was very upsetting not having her at home.

There was always something missing. I can remember on my tenth birthday, I didn't want to wake up because I missed her so much.

Home's better now she's here and healthy."

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