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Last Updated: Monday February 23 2009 12:39 GMT

I went to the Oscars


Press Packer Tunji, 11, acted in a film called New Boy which has won loads of awards.

The film was nominated for an Oscar, so Tunji got to go to the ceremony.

Here's his story.

"I acted in a film called New Boy which is about a boy who lives in Africa. The character is called Joseph and he is living happily with his Dad, who's a teacher, when soldiers attack their village.

Joseph then has to leave Africa and travel to Ireland to escape the violence. He starts school in Ireland but faces a lot of bullying and racism before he is finally accepted.

Filming was a really great experience as I have never had a leading role in a film before.

Even though it was only a short film it was still great to act such a good part. There was no-one famous in the film, but all the other actors were really good.

The Oscars

The reason I went to the Oscars is that New Boy got loads of awards from film festivals all over the world.

To be nominated for an Oscar, a film needs to have won loads of awards.

Then it gets put on a shortlist with nine other films, and then that shortlist is judged and the five remaining films all go forward for an Oscar.

Director's date

My film was one of the last five films in our category. The director, Steph Green, called me when she found out and asked me if I would be her "date" for the Oscars!

I was really excited when I found out as I thought it would be a great experience.


Walking down the red carpet was really nerve-wracking as there were loads of people shouting out the names of the famous people all around me.

But I did really enjoy it, and saw loads of famous people like Robert Downey Jr, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mickey Rourke, and Anne Hathaway.

The ceremony was brilliant and even though my film didn't win I still really enjoyed it.

I got to meet my hero Daniel Craig and Queen Latifah said I had beautiful skin!"

Tunji, 11, Kent

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