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Last Updated: Monday February 23 2009 05:41 GMT

Adam checks out netbook computers

So what is a netbook? Adam explains

Using a computer on the move is about to get a lot cheaper, with netbooks about to become the next SMALL thing.

They cost around 100 and computer experts reckon that by 2010 around 40 million of them could be online.

They're like laptops, just a lot smaller and without a lot of the high-tech stuff that's normally inside.

You can take them pretty much anywhere, and they're built to go online, so are great at surfing the web, checking email and chatting with mates.

Adam investigates netbooks
Netbooks are much smaller than normal laptops
But the advice is to be careful if you're a big-time gamer, as you won't be able to play the latest releases on them.

And they don't have DVD drives either, which is why they are cheaper to make and buy.