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Last Updated: Sunday February 22 2009 13:53 GMT

TV star Jade Goody gets married

Jade Goody

Reality TV star Jade Goody has got married on Sunday, even though she only has months to live.

Jade, who first became famous when she starred in Big Brother in 2002, has been told she has a type of cancer that doctors cannot cure.

A celebrity magazine has paid around 700,000 for pictures of the wedding, which took place at a hotel in Essex.

Jade is trying to earn lots of money so she can be sure her two sons will be looked after when they get older.

Reports say Jade was able to stand up for almost all of the 45-minute long ceremony, but did have to sit down towards the end.

The Sugababes are thought to be singing at the wedding, and lots of other famous faces are going to be among the 150 guests.

Photographers outside Jade's wedding venue
Because the magazine has paid a lot of money for the wedding pictures it wants to keep what happens a secret.

So there are lots of security staff and police trying to make sure no-one else gets any pictures of the wedding.

Jade travelled to the hotel on Saturday in a helicopter.