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Last Updated: Saturday February 21 2009 18:08 GMT

Bag of sweets sold for 14,500

Pic'n'mix sweets from Woolworths

A bag of pic'n'mix sweets has been sold on the internet for a lip-smacking price of 14,500 for charity.

The sweets were sold on an auction website as the last ever bag of pic'n'mix from a Woolworths shop.

Ed Adams, who used to manage a Woolworths shop in Bromley, South London filled up the bag just before his store closed for the last time.

He then put the 800g bag up for sale online, and after 115 bids, agreed to sell it for 14,500.

The money raised is to be given to a charity called the Retail Trust.

The bag includes fizzy cola bottles, rhubarb and custards, strawberry bon bons, Turkish delight, white mice and pineapple cubes.

Nigel Rothband, Retail Trust chief executive, said: "It's taken us by surprise. It's very exciting and much more than we were expecting."