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Last Updated: Saturday February 28 2009 10:52 GMT

Our robot's a champion!

Press Packer Theo's robot team

Press Packer Theo and his team of robot designers will be the only primary school from the UK competing in a big robotics competition in Denmark in May.

Here's his story.

"We're a small group of 9-11 year olds and we designed a Lego robot.

We've successfully gone through two competitions, winning the first regional competition and coming third in the national final.

We're now the only primary school in the UK to get to the European finals in Copenhagen, Denmark this May.


In the competitions we're scored on four subjects.

Firstly, we have to do a presentation to the judges: this year the theme of the competition is climate connections, which is the effects of global warming.

Our team decided on local flooding and our presentation was based on this.


Secondly, we're scored on our teamwork - this is cheering on our team and other teams - we have won awards for this!

Press Packer Theo
Press Packer Theo
Thirdly, we're scored on our Lego robot design - which is how it's built and how it works.

Lastly we're scored on our robot performance. In very tense circumstances our robot has to complete certain tasks.

Great team

Our robot has two and a half minutes to complete as many challenges as it can, which include lifting, pushing and moving different objects around the climate connections mat.

We've learned a lot about climate change and become a really great team."

Theo, 10, Somerset

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