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Last Updated: Friday February 20 2009 16:04 GMT

Amazing rescue of cat 20m up tree

The cat up the tree

A cat had a lucky escape after it climbed more than 20m up a tree and then couldn't get down on its own.

The cat was spotted early in the morning, and it's thought it ran up the tree after being chased.

Then, while people were waiting for the fire service to come to the rescue, the cat climbed even higher up!

Their ladders weren't tall enough to get the cat down, so finally a tree surgeon was called and he climbed high enough to save the cat.

He wasn't able to get all the way along the tiny branch though, so gave it a shake and the cat fell out.

So how high up the tree did the cat climb?

Although that sounds like it might have harmed the animal, the rescuers were ready below with a coat to catch the cat in.

The cat then ran off quickly before anyone had a chance to find out who it belonged to!

Stuart Ford, from the Society for the Protection and Rehoming of Animals, said: "Cats can get up trees but aren't very good at coming down as their claws don't allow them to come down forwards, and they've got to come down backwards."