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Last Updated: Friday February 20 2009 08:20 GMT

Kids beat their peanut allergies

Carl, 13, holding a peanut (Photo by Chris Radburn/PA Wire)

A group of kids with peanut allergies appear to have been cured, after doctors tried out a new treatment on them.

Four kids with nut allergies were given a small amount of peanut flour to eat every day.

Doctors slowly increased the amount over six months so they became less sensitive to the nuts, and in the end were eating five a day.

But if you are allergic to peanuts, don't try to do this yourself.

The research was carried out by medical experts, and if you have an allergy to them it would be very dangerous to try to eat them on your own.

Peanut allergies affect one in 50 young people in Britain, and can cause breathing problems.

Michael tells Ricky about his life after doctors cured his peanut allergy.

Doctor Andy Clark said the children weren't permanently cured, but if they carried on eating nuts every day they should keep up their tolerance.

Carl, 13, said the treatment had changed his life: "It has given me much more confidence to try new things.

"I had always wanted to try a Mars Bar, because my brother was always eating them," he said.

"Now I can, and I love them!"

More research

Doctors say they've got to carry out more tests to find out if they've really found a cure for the allergy.