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Last Updated: Thursday February 19 2009 08:28 GMT

Helicopter crash dramatic rescue

Ore reports on the dramatic rescue

Eighteen people were rescued after their helicopter crash-landed into the North Sea.

The aircraft was carrying workers to an oil platform when it landed in the water more than a hundred miles east of Aberdeen in Scotland.

No-one was seriously injured, and 15 people were rescued by boat.

Three others were picked up by another helicopter and flown to hospital in Aberdeen, but they have now been back to their homes.

The coastguard said while no-one was badly hurt, some people had suffered minor injuries.

Map of where the helicopter crashed
Managing director of BP North Sea, Bernard Loony, said it was too early to say what had caused the crash.

He paid tribute to the people who had rescued the passengers and crew of the helicopter.

"We're very pleased that at this point in time, everyone is safe," he added.

An investigation is being launched to find out what went wrong.