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Last Updated: Thursday February 19 2009 10:23 GMT

My family moved to New Zealand

Press Packer Eloise

Press Packer Eloise and her family moved from Devon to New Zealand and here she describes life in her new country.

"We used to lived in Devon but my dad got a job in New Zealand so we moved there.

I felt excited but when the time came, sitting on the plane there were lots of tears. It was sad because we had to leave our family and friends

Now in New Zealand we live in a town about the same size as our one in Devon but not by the sea.


We live in a one storey house with a huge garden and six chickens and two dogs.

Where we live is on the South Island and here we get lots of snow because we are by the mountains. There are three ski fields near us.

I miss the beach but we can surf in the South Pacific which is about 40 minutes drive from our house.

Swimming daily

It is not as bad as I thought living in New Zealand.

I have made new friends. I have also done lots of new things like skiing, horse riding and I swim nearly every day in summer.

I also got into the jump jam team at school. Jump jam is a fitness programme throughout New Zealand.

It is designed for all children to get fitter and have some fun.

National champ

It is aerobics and dance routines to lots of good songs.

Each year they run a competition for the best team.

And we won a national competition, so I am a national champion of New Zealand not bad for my first year!

My school won the junior section, which I am in, two years running, and this year also won the senior section as well."

Eloise, 9, New Zealand

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