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Last Updated: Wednesday February 18 2009 15:32 GMT

Kittens trained at cat school

Kittens at kitten school

Lots of dog owners take their pets to be trained, but have you ever heard of a class for kittens?

Well, cat training is the latest thing in America, where people are flocking to special 'kittengarten' classes.

Just like dogs, the fluffy creatures are taught how to sit when they're told, and even how to walk on a lead.

And it's not just the kittens who have lessons to learn, the owners are given classes on how best to care for their pets too.

They're taught how to keep their cat's fur looking shiny, and what is the best food to feed them.

They're also taught how to clip their pet's nails, and even how to brush their teeth!

The people who run the course say the lessons make it easier for the kittens to spend more time inside.

They say it's good for the cats because they're less likely to pick up diseases, or get into fights with other felines.

Natural environment

But keeping cats inside is not recommended in the UK, unless it's absolutely necessary.

The Cats Protection League says it's better to let cats live in their natural state.