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Last Updated: Wednesday February 18 2009 18:03 GMT

New eco-charger to fit all phones

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Ore checks out the latest inventions for mobile phones

It can be really annoying when your mobile runs out of battery - and you can't borrow your friends' chargers because they don't fit!

But 17 phone companies are hoping to change that by making a charger that will fit most new phones by 2012.

They say the new one-size-fits-all charger will cut down on waste and will be designed to use less energy too.

Other energy saving ideas and phones of the future are on show at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

Lots of important people from the industry are gathering at the meeting in Barcelona to check-out the latest gadgets and handsets.


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For people who like to do their bit for the environment, a solar-powered mobile phone made from recycled materials has been unveiled.

The phone takes 10-14 hours in the sun to fully charge, and will be on sale in Europe in the second half of 2009.

And for those who like to keep fit there's The Wellness phone, which allows people to keep an eye on their health when they're out and about.

In the mix

Budding DJs will be excited about a new music phone which can be used to mix tracks using the touchscreen as a turntable.

And for people who are a little forgetful, there's a mobile watch which you can wear on your wrist, so it's a bit harder to lose than a normal handset.