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Last Updated: Wednesday February 18 2009 11:54 GMT

Quiz: How savvy are you with your money?

A 10 note

Question 1

If you use your parents' debit card online, when do they have to pay?

A: At the end of the month
B: Straight away
C: Exactly one month later

Question 2

One bookshop is offering three books for the price of two, and another offers buy one get one half price. If books cost £ 6.99 each, which deal is best (price per book)?

A: Three for two
B: Buy one get one half price
C: They're both the same

Question 3

In 2009, what's the average weekly pocket money for a child between seven and 15?

A: £ 6.32
B: £ 5
C: £ 3.70

Question 4

A ringtone service charges £ 4.50 a week for unlimited downloads. How much will that cost for a whole year?

A: £ 100
B: £ 234
C: £ 310

Question 5

The X Factor has come to an end for another series, and all three finalists have made albums. They all cost £ 8.99 to buy. If you get £ 2.50 an hour for chores from your parents, how many complete hours do you need to work to buy all three?

A: Five
B: Eight
C: 11

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