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Last Updated: Wednesday February 18 2009 07:27 GMT

Kids 'smarter with their cash'

Coins and twenty pound note (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Kids today are more clever with their cash than their parents were at their age, a survey has found.

Researchers found lots of seven-year-olds now offer to do chores in exchange for cash, while their parents were at least 10 before they worked for money.

Almost 1,500 kids, parents and grandparents answered questions for the Personal Finance Education Group study.

Experts say reality TV voting, mobile phones and internet shopping are making kids more financially aware.

British coins
Three quarters of all the kids who were surveyed said they owned at least one mobile phone.

On average, they were eight-years-old when they had got their first one.

The survey also revealed that some ten-year-olds use their parents' debit or credit cards to shop online.

By the age of 15, 40% of teenagers have bought ringtones and games for their mobile phones, and a quarter have voted in TV competitions.

British coins
And researchers found that kids shopping online were more likely to buy computer games than books.

Money management

Personal Finance Education Group chief executive Wendy van den Hende said because kids are becoming more financially aware at a younger age, it is important they are taught how to manage their money.

One thousand five hundred people answered questions for the survey, including 546 kids aged seven to 15, 676 parents, and 759 grandparents.