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Last Updated: Tuesday February 17 2009 16:42 GMT

Girls win fight to play football

Football girls win battle to play

A kids' football team has won a battle to keep playing after going on strike in a row about girls on the team.

Birchwood Juniors refused to play two matches after football bosses told them the two girls in the squad couldn't play on the pitch with boys.

Mixed teams are only allowed up to the age of 10. After that they need written permission to take to the field.

The FA said Birchwood hadn't got that permission, but after an emergency meeting the FA said they COULD play.

All along Birchwood bosses were sure they'd sent off the right bits of paper, but the FA said it hadn't received them.

Kara and Sophie from Birchwood Juniors
Kara and Sophie from Birchwood Juniors
Two of Birchwood's stars are its female players - goalkeeper Kara and striker Sophie.

Coach Paul Owen told Newsround the team are over the moon: "We're delighted. I phoned Kara to tell her and she screamed down the phone she was so happy."

Before the ban was overturned Kara told Newsround: "I want to play but I can't play and the boys won't play without us. It's pretty nice that they're doing that."

FA own goal

Sophie said: "They should have just done it at the end, or they shouldn't have done it at all."

The boys reckon even though the FA has now changed its decision, it scored a pretty big own goal when it banned Kara and Sophie.

Calum told Newsround: "If they did have a paperwork error they should have stated that at the top of the season."