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Last Updated: Tuesday February 17 2009 13:39 GMT

Row over supermarket packaging

Someone shopping in a supermarket

A big row's broken out over the amount of packaging supermarkets produce and who should be responsible for getting rid of it.

New research has found lots of big name supermarkets still use too much paper and plastic to package their food and nearly half of it can't be recycled.

Now campaigners want shops to have to pay for their packaging to be collected and recycled so they reduce it.

But supermarkets say they're doing all they can to cut unnecessary packaging.

And they said they also encourage customers to recycle anything that's leftover.

The Local Government Association checked out the amount of packaging on 29 items from different supermarkets to compare their packaging, and now they're naming and shaming the best and worst.

The results showed Waitrose products had the most excess plastic and cardboard and Tesco had the least, while Sainsbury's had the most recyclable packaging on its products.