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Last Updated: Monday February 16 2009 15:42 GMT

Wallace and Gromit help inventors

Wallace and Gromit's call to inventors

If you're always coming up with ideas for gadgets and gizmos to make life easier but are never sure how to create them, help is at hand.

Animated inventors Wallace and Gromit are backing a campaign to get more of you trying inventing as part of a big project with London's Science Museum.

Their Cracking Ideas exhibition tells you what to do if you have an idea, how you can protect it and what to do next.

One of the top tips for budding inventors is to keep your idea secret!

Inventor Tony Waithe says it's important not to blab about your idea to too many people in case someone pinches it!

One person it probably is OK to tell is your technology teacher, as they may be able to help you make a basic model, called a prototype, of your design.

When you've got that done and have protected your idea, you can start entering competitions to see if anyone else will recognise your genius!