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Last Updated: Tuesday February 17 2009 05:53 GMT

I set up a writing club at school

Press Packer Megan

Press Packer Megan loves writing and would like to be an author one day.

To help her, Megan decided to set up a writing club at her school and here she tells us how she did it.

"When I am older I would love to be an author and one day when I was talking to my friends they said that it would be cool if we had a proper writing club in school.

This gave me an idea and straight away when I got home from school I typed up a letter to the head teacher asking for permission.


I'm in Year 7 and most clubs are organised by sixth form and staff so I didn't think that I would be taken seriously.

Then I was asked to go to the head teacher's office. I was a bit nervous so my friends came with me.

When he said yes we spent some time organising where it would be held and it was set up by the next Tuesday.


Writing book
Every Tuesday and Friday lunchtime we meet up and write stories.

We are supervised by a sixth former called Joe and only 30 people can fit into the room at one time.

Share ideas

The club is open to all Year 7s, they don't have to turn up every meeting and can join anytime they like.

We have about 15 people coming every week and we talk and share ideas.

Poetry book

I'm trying to launch a poetry competition called Unlucky Thirteen which will be an anthology of 13 poems to do with luck.

I hope we will be able to publish the finished anthology to the school library."

Megan, 12, Birmingham

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