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Last Updated: Monday February 16 2009 07:58 GMT

Headphones law for French mobiles

Adam investigates French plans to change mobile laws

Imagine having to put on a pair of headphones every time you want to make or answer a call on your mobile.

That's what it could be like for kids in France, as the government there wants to bring in new laws for all children under 12 who have mobiles.

It wants all new mobiles to come with headphones and thinks children younger than six shouldn't be allowed a mobile.

French politicians are worried using mobile phones when you're a child could damage your brain when you're older.

Scientists haven't proved that happens - but France is changing the law just in case.

The French government doesn't want to stop kids having mobiles completely, but would prefer they didn't put the handsets to their heads.

Advert ban too

That means using headphones instead.

French children talk about mobiles

The law could also mean a ban on all mobile phone adverts aimed at under 12s.

A spokesperson for the French government said: "To show children using mobile phones on TV for example would be forbidden. It would be forbidden to develop special mobile phones for children under 12 years old."

French pupils Margaux, 11, told Newsround: "I don't use my mobile often, I can live without it."

But Emeric, 12, said he wanted have a choice on how he spent his money: "I think that it won't be fair for me, because it's my money and I can do anything I want with it."