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Last Updated: Saturday February 14 2009 12:39 GMT

Plane crash-lands at UK airport

The plane on the runway (photo by Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire)

More than 70 people were evacuated off a plane which crash-landed at London's City Airport on Friday.

The front wheel of the aircraft collapsed when the aircraft landed, causing it to skid on the runway.

British Airways said emergency slides were used to get the 67 passengers and four crew off the plane "as a precaution".

No-one was seriously hurt, but the airport was closed and 11 other flights had to go to other airports to land.

One of the passengers on the British Airways flight from Amsterdam said there was a loud bang as it landed.

Damaged British Airways plane is examined at City Airport in London (Photo by Lewis Whyld/PA Wire)
An investigation is underway to find out what went wrong

Justin Fletcher said: "The stewards and stewardesses were quick to evacuate everyone off.

"There was a few scrapes and cuts due to hitting the asphalt, all in all everyone seems to be doing quite well now."

Air accident experts are examining the plane to find out what went wrong.

The airport has been re-opened, but passengers are being warned there could be delays.


When things go wrong with planes it can make people very worried.

But it's important to remember that experts say flying is the safest form of transport.