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Last Updated: Friday February 13 2009 14:11 GMT

Animals recovering from bushfires

Ricky finds out about animals in Australia

The fires in Australia haven't just affected people, more than a million animals - both wild ones and pets - have been caught up in what's happened.

A lot of them were killed by the flames and smoke, but it's going to be tough for those that did survive.

That's because some rescue centres have been destroyed, and it's hard to get to the places where the fires were.

Even so people are doing all they can to help, by dropping off things like bowls and food to the shelters.

And some animals are doing well after being taken shelters.

Jack the cat
Jack the cat
Sam the koala has become a star around the world after a clip of him being being found in the bush by a fire fighter was put online.

Other animals like Jack the cat are also doing OK, although he nearly didn't make it.

His owners thought he'd been killed when their house burned down, but Jack had managed to get under the floorboards and avoid the flames.

Vet tells of bushfire problems

Even so, he still needed to be treated for a common problem with many of the animals - burnt paws.

And like a lot of animals that weren't well or just got lost, Jack's owners have been found.

Many people weren't able to take their pets with them because they were in such a hurry to escape, but now they've been reunited.