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Last Updated: Friday February 13 2009 12:03 GMT

In pics: Behind the scenes with Ricky in Australia

Ricky at a rescue centre

Ricky and a team from Newsround have flown around the world to report on the worst bushfires ever in Australia.

Darryl and Kirsti

Here's camerman Darryl and Kirsti, the producer, doing some final checks at the airport.

Ricky looking at burnt down house

When the team got there, they saw how bad the damage was. Loads of land was still smoking from the blazes, the trees were blackened and houses burnt to the ground.

Ricky with Kane

Thousands of people are now homeless, so the team went to a rescue centre to see how they're coping. Kane, 13, said he didn't mind losing his house, as long as his family were OK.

Darryl and Kirsti

It might look really hot, but the temperatures aren't as high as they were in the weeks leading up to the fires. It's still pretty windy there though.

Darryl filming

It's not just people that were affected by the fires. The Newsround team visited a vets surgery which was really busy caring for injured animals.

Ricky and Kirsti

And after all that the team pulled the special Newsround report together. You can watch it at 5pm on Friday 13 February on CBBC One or online here.