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Last Updated: Wednesday April 01 2009 15:05 GMT

In pics: Doctor Who Easter Special

David Tennant

Doctor Who will be back on our screens on Saturday 11 April, in the Planet of the Dead. This time he'll be helped out by Lady Christina de Souza, played by Michelle Ryan.

Lee Evans

Lee Evans is also starring in the Easter special. He plays Malcolm and we're guessing he's a scientist working for Unit. Nice glasses too, but what is he looking at?

The Swarm

And this creature is part of the Swarm. That's all we know about something that appears to be pretty unfriendly, judging by those teeth!

David Tennant and Michelle Ryan

Much of the episode was filmed in Dubai, which suggests there's going to be a fair bit of sand involved.

Michelle Ryan and David Tennant on set

There's not much information about the plot of the show, although we've been told the Doctor and Lady Cristina take a bus journey into danger.

Michelle Ryan and David Tennant

As ever it looks like the Doctor has a lot to think about. Based on previous episodes it's likely he's going to start running very soon...

Filming on the set

The show's producer said the locations were perfect, and they hoped to film some incredible scenes. The episode will be broadcast on BBC One on Saturday 11 April.

Doctor Who
Matt Smith as The Doctor




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