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Last Updated: Friday February 13 2009 08:12 GMT

Snow turns to ice as UK freezes

Cars on an icy road

Parts of Britain are in the grip of a big chill, as sub-zero temperatures turned the snow and slush to ice.

Forecasters are warning of severe weather across most of Scotland, and right along the east of England.

More snow has fallen in southern England, closing Stansted Airport in Essex and leaving hundreds of passengers stranded.

On Thursday night, roads got so dangerous in East Yorkshire that people abandoned their cars.

Drivers are being told to be very careful on the roads because of the icy conditions.

On Thursday, the heavy snowfall closed hundreds of schools and affected several airports and train stations.


Weather experts don't think there will be any more snow on Friday.

But there will probably be rain in Wales, south-west England, western Scotland and Northern Ireland.