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Last Updated: Friday February 13 2009 06:11 GMT

Boy, 9, creates iPhone programme

Nine-year-old programmer Lim Ding Wen

Most of you probably enjoy playing video games, but how many of you have ever thought about creating your own?

That's what a nine-year-old boy from Singapore did, when he made a painting programme for Apple's iPhone.

Lim Ding Wen designed the programme, called Doodle Kids, for his younger sisters. Doodlers use their fingers to draw on the phone's touch screen.

And it's proved very popular, with more than 4,000 people downloading it in less than two weeks.

Lim said: "I wrote the program for my younger sisters, who like to draw. But I am happy that people like it."

Doodle Kids
It's not the first computer programme Lim has written though, as he's been tapping away at a computer since he was just two-years-old.

He started programming at seven, and can now write in six programming languages. So far he's created more then 20 programmes.

Lim is now working on a sci-fi game called Invader Wars and plans to join his school's robotics club.