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Last Updated: Thursday February 12 2009 16:14 GMT

Kids interview Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson with the children who interviewed her

Jacqueline Wilson has written a new book called Tracy Beaker's Thumping Heart to raise money for Red Nose Day.

And some lucky children from Cornwall had the chance to grill the best-selling author about her own life and, of course, all things Tracy!

And Maddy got to ask a special question too - see her answer at the bottom.

Did you get in trouble at school?
- Shannon, 10 and Daniel, 12

Most of the time I was a good girl, but occasionally I was naughty!

We had a strict uniform at my secondary school and had to wear hideous berets. I didn't like wearing mine as although I had short hair, it was permed and would stick up, with my beret looking silly sitting on the top.

I used to hide my beret in my satchel and the headmistress would tell me off, and make me stand in front of everyone in assembly in shame!

What inspired you to come up with the character of Tracy Beaker and why did you pick that name?
- Stephen, 9 and Felix, 12

I wanted to write about a fierce, feisty child in a children's home who desperately wants to be fostered.

Jacqueline Wilson
I knew I wanted her to be called Tracy but couldn't think of a good surname.

I was in the bath one morning and trying to think of a good name to go with Tracy. I looked around the bathroom and through Tracy Soap? Toothbrush? Tap? Toilet? I washed my hair and as I don't have a shower I use a beaker to rinse my hair. Then I thought, Tracy Beaker!

Why are most of your stories based on children in care?
- Abi and Jade, both 8

Not all of my characters are based on children in care, but this is the fourth book about Tracy so far.

If I wrote about a child with a lovely and happy mum and dad, brothers and sisters, a hamster and goldfish and lots of friends who is very happy and popular, I wouldn't have much to write about.

I like to write about children who are going through unhappy times and act as a fairy godmother for them; sorting things out and making them better.

Why did you write this book for Comic Relief?
- Luke, 11 and Lewis, 10

Jacqueline Wilson shows Newsround's Maddy the new novel
Jacqueline tells Newsround's Maddy all about the new book
I always thought Comic Relief was a brilliant charity that did wonderful work.

I was asked to write a book and thought about who was my most comical character who would enjoy fun and silliness. It had to be Tracy Beaker.

I had great fun writing the book.

What would you like to do if you didn't write books?
- Ben, 11

I used to say when I was young that I would be a hairdresser. I always had short hair but love long hair and used to style my friends' hair. I think I'm a bit too old to retrain now though.

If I was strapped for cash now, I would open up my own second hand bookshop as I have over 15,000 books in my own house!

This Red Nose Day is about 'doing something funny for money'. What would you do?
- Nadine, 12 and Bethany, 10

Jacqueline Wilson signs autographs
Jacqueline even found time to sign autographs
I love to go swimming every morning and swim around 40 lengths - a lot for an old lady!

Most of my friends know I go swimming so I think I would get one of those saggy Edwardian swimming costumes with a weird floppy hat and go swimming. I think my friends would pay to watch and take funny photos!

What happens next to Tracy Beaker?
- Maddy, Newsround

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What's next for Tracy Beaker?

I'm not quite sure.

We could go back to when she was little, or even swoop forwards to her late teens to see what sort of person she has become.