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Last Updated: Thursday February 12 2009 16:28 GMT

School builds gym from containers

A school gym made from shipping containers

Plans to upgrade thousands of schools in England, at a cost of 55billion, are going to take longer than expected.

A plan to make all 3,500 secondary schools much snazzier is now running two years late.

One school in London is getting an update, with a shiny new gym opening soon, although it's not quite the sort of building project we're used to.

Instead the gym has been made from old shipping containers, recycling them and providing a cheaper, greener building.

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Kids' views on a gym made from containers

The containers had been used to transport things like bikes and biscuits around the world, and would have been heading for the scrap heap.

Now they've been transported to a school in London and turned into a new gym.

Kids say that the building doesn't look like a load of slabs of metal shunted together though, but instead looks really cool and modern.

Faster and cheaper

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Why is a gym made from containers a good idea?

Building a gym from old containers is faster than using bricks, is a lot cheaper and is better for the environment too.

The containers don't have to be destroyed, and a gym made from them creates less of the gas carbon dioxide - which experts say speeds up climate change - than a normal building.