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Last Updated: Thursday February 12 2009 13:29 GMT

In pictures: Koalas rescued from wildfires

Sam the Koala

This is Sam the koala. She survived the fires in Australia and has become a bit of star on the internet.

Sam the Koala in the forest

She was saved by firefighter David Tree on 1 February, three days after the blazes started. Sam's paws had been burnt by the fires, and she was very thirsty.

Someone watches Sam the Koala on the internet

Now people are watching a video clip of Sam's rescue on computers all over the world.

Sam the Koala

Sam's paws needed a lot of looking after. When she was found she was finding it very difficult to move around on them.

Sam the Koala

She doesn't look very comfortable in this photo, but the plasters and bandages on her paws should help her recover.

Sam the Koala

She's being looked after at the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter in Rawson. Shelters are full of animals at the moment, with koalas, kangaroos, birds and lizards all needing help.

Bob the Koala

Sam isn't the only koala at the centre. One that's been called Bob was rescued too and is also getting used to being looked after.

Sam and Bob the Koalas

And people working at the centre say the two marsupials have become good friends and are looking after each other.