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Last Updated: Wednesday February 11 2009 16:18 GMT

Amazing tomb found in Egypt

See what was found in the ancient tomb

Archaeologists are celebrating an amazing find in Egypt, after they uncovered more than 20 mummies.

The mummies are thought to be more than 2,600 years old, and some items inside the tomb could be even older.

Experts reckon one sarcophagus - which is like a very old coffin - could be more than 4,000 years old.

So far the archaeologists have opened only one sarcophagus and are hoping to find more mummies inside the others when they look inside them.

Four of the mummies were found with mummified dogs alongside them.

A mummy found in a tomb in Egypt
It's unusual to find a burial site in a condition as good as this one, as they were regularly broken into.

Gold and jewels

Often people were buried with valuable items like gold and jewels, which even in ancient times were targets for thieves.

Zahi Hawass, Egypt's chief archaeologist, has said that some 70% of Egypt's ancient monuments remain buried.

The burial chamber was found three weeks ago, and was shown to journalists for the first time on Wednesday.