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Last Updated: Wednesday February 11 2009 07:11 GMT

Fake GHD hair stylers warning

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Shoppers are being warned not to buy fake GHD hair stylers because they could burn people's hair or give users an electric shock.

It's thought people have been conned into buying copies of the product from unofficial websites and car boot sales.

But safety officials have warned the fake gadgets often don't meet British Safety Standards.

They said imitation stylers could do "real harm".

Trading Standards officer Peter Astley said: "We've had examples of where people have burnt their hair.

Fake and genuine goods

"We've had examples of where people have had slight electric shocks.

"The potential to cause some real harm is very strong."

The real GHDs cost around 130 a pair, and the company has warned that if they're a lot cheaper they're probably fake.

The fake sets look pretty realistic, and come with loads of accessories that look a lot like the real deal.

But the price is a big giveaway, and instead of costing 130 they're more likely to be on sale for around 80.


GHD spokesperson Sarah Lambley told Newsround how you can check your GHDs are the real thing.

She said: "On every styler there's a hologram and just underneath the hologram is a 15 digit number.

"Go online and enter the number (on our website) and it will tell you if there's a problem with your styler or not."

Check before you buy

Ms Lambley said the company never sell through car boot sales and people should go to the GHD website to find a shop which sells the real thing.

"Enter the web address and we'll tell you if it's an approved stockist," she said.

You can visit the GHD website by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page.