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Last Updated: Tuesday February 10 2009 07:41 GMT

I was a victim of cyber-bullying

Georgia on a computer

Maddy talks to Georgia about cyber-bullying

Georgia was 12-years-old when she became a victim of cyber-bullying.

She said things started to go wrong when she drifted apart from her friends, and they turned against her.

Georgia started getting teased in lessons, then things got worse when the bullying started over the web, and her mobile phone.

Here's her story...

"The bullies went online and said I was fat, and made me believe I was fat.

Then someone started a web page saying, if you hate Georgia then sign here, and made up horrible rhymes about me.

Georgia's advice:
Computer mouse
Make sure an adult's around when you go online
If anything bad happens, log off straight away
If your friend's bullying someone - don't join in
If you're being bullied - tell someone!

I felt depressed. At lunch I would wait and wait for the bell for lessons, because that was the only time I felt safe.

I didn't tell my parents for ages, because I didn't want them to go through the stress that I was going through.

Trying to cope with it on my own was the worst thing ever.

I used to wait until I was alone in my room, then I'd shut the door, close the curtains and turn the lights off, and just scream to get the anger out.

I couldn't do it at school, or in front of my family. The only way I could get my anger out was doing that.

Sarah Dyer from Beatbullying chats to Maddy

Tips on beating cyber-bullying


But in the end I couldn't handle it any more. I told my parents, and they told the school.

Telling mum and dad was the best thing I did.

The teachers took it really seriously, and I was told not to listen to the bullying, keep your chin up, none of it's true, and don't react (to the bullies).

Being cyber-bullied ruins you emotionally, it makes you think you're not good at anything, and you lose all confidence.

Maddy and Georgia
Georgia chatted to Newsround's Maddy

Since I told people about it, my confidence has rocketed up.

Tell someone

I've started trusting people. While I was being bullied I just couldn't trust anyone.

If you are being bullied yourself, come forward and tell someone. It changes everything."

Georgia, 13

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