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Last Updated: Monday February 09 2009 13:53 GMT

In pictures: Australia forest fires 2009

Fires in Australia

Wildfires have killed more than 100 people in Australia. The fires are raging through several states in the south of the country, although Victoria is the worst hit.

Firefighters in Australia

Tens of thousands of firefighters - helped by soldiers - are battling the blazes, not just in Victoria, but in other states as well.

Burnt out cars in Australia

Some rural towns have been destroyed, and the flames made quick work of any cars left behind.

Melted metal from wildfires in Australia

This twisted-looking metal used to be the alloy wheels from a car. The fires have burned so hot that it's melted.

Animals are driven to safety

These animals are being taken to safety but not all creatures have been so fortunate. Many of them have been killed by the fires as well.