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Last Updated: Monday February 09 2009 13:43 GMT

We slept in an igloo!

Ollie, Toby and Tom with their igloo

Press Packers Ollie, Toby and Tom made a house out of snow, and the boarding school pupils were able to sleep in it overnight!

Here's their report.

"After three days of snow we needed a change from snowballing, so our school suggested we make igloos.

Building an igloo

Sixteen of us teamed up to build them, making snow blocks in plastic boxes by packing the snow down tight.

We cut one of the blocks at a slant so as we built the layers up they spiralled closer together, narrowing until they met at the top.

After patting snow into the gaps, the final step was to cut an arc-shaped entrance.


The boys in the igloo ready for bedtime
The boys bed down for a night in the snow!
While we were building, someone shouted, 'Why don't we sleep here tonight?'

Normally our bedtime routine is getting into our PJs and under our duvets. Instead, we wrapped up in warm clothes and headed outside to sleep!

It could have been a really boring weekend because a lot of people could not get home due to the bad weather, but this was a real adventure.

It was, of course, freezing - but much more comfortable than we expected, with our ice pillows and plenty of blankets.

We would all like to do it again. In fact we are hoping to sleep out again tonight. Although we woke up tired and chilly, we feel incredibly proud that we toughed it out.

We've started a craze at school, although none of the older pupils' igloos are as good as ours!"

Ollie, Toby and Tom, Year 8, Cotswolds, England.

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