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Last Updated: Friday February 06 2009 14:00 GMT

In pics: Even MORE of YOUR snowtastic snaps

Kitty and Meg's green snow caterpillar

Check out this unusual snowy creation. Kitty and Meg used food colouring to give their icy caterpillar this green glow in Northampton.

The snowmen made by Alex and Laura's dad

Alex and Laura in Solihull reckon their dad makes snowmen like no-one else. And they could be right - check out these two, which he made for them when their school was closed.

Ella and Cameron with their snowman

Ella and Cameron, both aged four, look pretty pleased with their snowman, but what's going on in the background...?

Ben in the igloo

They're making an igloo for the snowman! Cameron's rushed over to help out, while 12-year-old Ben's sitting inside to make sure there's enough room.

Esme and her mum with the snowman they made

Esme built this snowman with her mum on their drive in Northamptonshire. It's bigger than Esme, so it's not surprising she needed a helping hand.

A snowman and snow-woman in Neath, south Wales

It was a group effort to make this snowy couple in Neath, south Wales, with Jess, Josh, Lucy and Chey all helping out.

Chloe with her snow rabbit

Chloe spent ages building a snow cat and rabbit in an Oxford park, but while she rushed home to get her camera they were kicked down! So this is her second snow rabbit. Good work!

Chloe and Oliver's snow bear

This cool snow bear was made by Chloe and her brother Oliver in their garden in Milton Keynes.


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