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Last Updated: Thursday February 05 2009 15:25 GMT

In pictures: Barbie's 50th birthday celebrations!

Someone posing for Barbie's 50th birthday

Barbie's one of the most famous women in the world and this year she's celebrating her 50th birthday. We've been checking out some of her looks over the years.

The original Barbie

Meet Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie made her debut in a TV ad back in 1959, when buying one of the dolls would have cost just $3 - that's about 1.50!

Barbie heads for sale

About 350,000 Barbie dolls were sold in the first year. These days she's available in 150 different countries and roughly three of her dolls are sold every second!

Barbie dolls on display

Barbie's year of 50th birthday celebrations are kicking off with a huge display of her various looks over the years at a huge Toy Fair in Germany.

All That Glitters Barbie

She's had more than 100 styles over the past five decades, including everything from astronaut Barbie in 1963 to this All That Glitters Barbie from the Diva Barbie range of 2002.

Ken dolls

Ken became Barbie's boyfriend in 1961, but they split up on Valentines Day 2004. The Ken doll then had a huge makeover as toy makers Mattel say he's desperate to get Barbie back.

Millennium edition Barbie

Despite being with Ken for 43 years, Barbie has never been married. Apparently she just likes modelling wedding gowns for her designer friends!

Barbie My House

As well as being a model, Barbie's had a staggering 107 other careers, including Olympic gymnast, vet, scuba diver, doctor and even a rap star! No wonder she needs a rest!

Barbie High School Musical

She's not just a career girl though. Barbie's a big animal lover too and has had 50 pets over the years, including dogs, horses, cats, a lion club, a panda, a giraffe and a zebra!