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Last Updated: Saturday February 07 2009 09:20 GMT

I saved my Mam

Brandon and his mum

Press Packer Brandon, 12 was very pleased to have studied first aid when his mum collapsed at their home.

Here's his story.

"My sister Lara who is 13 woke me up and I knew immediately that something was up. She told me that she had found our Mam collapsed with a bleeding head.

We have to look after our Mam because she is diabetic which means she has to have injections every day, and sometimes she can collapse.

I immediately went downstairs to find my Mam lying on the settee. My sister had got a wet tea towel and I compressed it on my Mam's head.


I could see my Mam was breathing OK but she was very tired. After making sure that she could breath and that nothing was obstructing her airways I started to talk to her.

I raised my Mam's legs onto the back of the sofa as I remembered that it could stop shock. Mam kept nodding off so I asked her the date of her birth, how old she was and her address to keep her awake.

I kept checking her temperature and the wound. My sister then contacted my dad and within 10 minutes he was home and he made the 999 call for the ambulance.

No time to think

I can only imagine what my sister would have felt when she found Mam lying unconscious, but to be honest neither of us had time to think. Looking back we were pretty cool!

Fortunately I completed a St John Ambulance First Aid Course at my School last year where we were taught basic life saving skills.

I am so glad that I listened and was able to help on the day my Mam hit her head.

I would recommend that every child should be taught First Aid at school because it really can make a difference. "

Brandon, 12, Morpeth, Northumberland

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