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Last Updated: Thursday February 05 2009 13:31 GMT

Beckham wants to stay at AC Milan

David Beckham wants to stay at AC Milan

David Beckham could be swapping burgers for pasta for good after he admitted he wants to stay at Italian side AC Milan.

The England midfielder is currently on loan at Milan, which means they are borrowing him from the club that owns him - American team LA Galaxy.

Beckham was planning on going back to America for their season in March, but he'd prefer to play on in Milan.

He said: "I have expressed my desire to stay. Now it's just down to Milan and Galaxy to come to an agreement."

Beckham was speaking to journalists in Scotland after playing in a friendly match between Milan and Rangers. The game ended 2-2.

David Beckham at Manchester United
Manchester United - 1991-2003
Preston North End (loan) - 1995
Real Madrid - 2003-2007
LA Galaxy - 2007 onwards
AC Milan (loan) - 2008?
It's not just Beckham who would be making the move though.

His famous wife Victoria and their three boys would probably move with him, so they'd need to find a new house to live in and new schools for Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

X Factor votes no

There have been some rumours that Victoria - who used to be known as Posh Spice when she was in the Spice Girls - could be asked to join the X Factor show on ITV.

But Newsround spoke to people behind the programme and they told us that they haven't been talking to Victoria and there are no plans to bring her onto the show.

Beckham made the move to Milan so he could stay fit between American seasons, and hopefully keep his place in the England team right up until the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Beckham has already scored twice for his new team, and since he started playing for Milan the team has shot up the Italian league to second place.