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Last Updated: Thursday February 05 2009 16:03 GMT

Fresh snow causing more problems

Children helping to clear snow from a school's driveway

Thousands of children have missed lessons for another day after snow kept more schools closed on Thursday.

The big freeze meant 623 schools were closed in Wales, as were hundreds in south west England and the Midlands.

Parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland were also hit hard, and weather experts are warning that more snow is expected to fall on Friday.

That's got some local councils worried as they've used so much salt and grit already that they're running out.

Some councils say they only have three days of grit left, and are trying to buy more in from other countries.

Up to 20cm of snow fell in some areas on Thursday, with the West Country, south Midlands and Wales among the worst affected.

Some of the schools that were closed will be open again on Friday, but if you're not sure about yours yet the advice is to keep an eye on local news.

Emma's snowman in Somerset
Experts at the Met Office have issued severe weather warnings for heavy snow in much of southern and central England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, Thursday's snowfall is causing widespread disruption - the runway at Luton airport has been closed and loads of trains and buses in some of the worst hit towns and cities are being cancelled.

Drivers are also being asked to be extra careful on the roads again as some councils say they are running low on the gritting salt that helps stop people and vehicles slipping.