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Last Updated: Wednesday February 04 2009 12:52 GMT

Adam checks out 3D webcam

It's Adam in 3D

Adam was lucky enough to try out one of the world's first 3D webcams. So what was it all about?

"Even though webcams have been around for a while, I still think it's amazing that you can have a video chat with someone on the other side of the world using the internet.

So doing that in THREE DIMENSIONS is even more incredible!

The 3D webcam is called Minoru and has been invented by a company in Salford, in the North West of England.

Adam tests out 3D webcam

It looks a bit like a robot because it's actually two cameras in one. The two pictures are laid over the top of each other in different colours to trick your brain into thinking that objects are jumping out of the screen.

The effect is quite convincing when you wave your hands Kung Fu-style. David the inventor also recommends blowing bubbles or chucking paper aeroplanes at the camera.

He reckons that this year we are going to see loads more films and DVDs using 3D technology.

Really cool

We got a group of children to test out the webcam. Most of them thought it was really cool and that it made the person you were chatting to seem more real.

Kids try out the webcam
Kids try out the webcam
But a few of them thought that it might get boring after the initial excitement.

It normally takes ages and ages for film studios to make 3D films - so I think it is pretty impressive that this little bit of kit can do it while you are chatting over the web.

But I am still waiting for someone to come up with some super-realistic holograms that you feel you can reach out and touch.

And I've now got to clean all that bubble mixture off my laptop!"