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Last Updated: Wednesday February 04 2009 07:21 GMT

Schools reopening after snowfall

A driver, cyclist and runner making their way through the snow

Things are slowly getting back to normal after some of the UK's heaviest snowfalls in years, and for lots of you that means you're going back to school.

Up to 6,000 schools were closed this week because of the weather, but now most say they're planning to reopen.

Meanwhile, police are warning everyone to be extra careful when they're out in the icy conditions as forecasters say there could be more snow on the way.

It comes after a 16-year-old girl died after a sledging accident in Rotherham.

Francesca Anobile and three friends were using a piece of metal as a makeshift sledge in a country park when they lost control and hit a barbed wire fence.

Francesca died in hospital and one of her friends is still being treated for her injuries.

Weather forecast

Cameron with his brothers Seth and Archie and their giant snowman
In Scotland, Grampian and the Highlands are the latest areas expected to be hit by heavy snow on Wednesday, with widespread icy conditions in others parts of Scotland, Wales and south-west England.

Since the snow started on Sunday night, it's caused major delays on the roads and loads of cancellations to buses, trains and flights.

Officials say they're doing their best to get things back to normal as soon as possible, but drivers are still being told not to travel in the worst affected areas unless it is essential.