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Last Updated: Wednesday February 04 2009 19:20 GMT

In pics: Fresh snow pics from YOU

A snowman sent in by Georgia

The snow is beginning to thaw in some areas, which is why this snowman - sent to us by Maya, 11, from Hertfordshire - looks like he's been on a diet.

Georgia's chickens

Georgia, 12, from Bromsgrove sent us these pics of her chickens. They don't look too pleased to be scratching around in the snow do they?

The view from Sabina's flat in Stepney

Sabina, 13, from Stepney in London took this photo from her block. Doesn't it look peaceful?

Laura and Emma's sledge

No we don't know how Laura and Emma's sledge got onto that roof in York either. Maybe it will come down when the snow melts!

Emma's snowman in Somerset

There wasn't enough snow to close nine-year-old Emma's school in Somerset. By the time she came home there was just enough left for this small snowman and a pet.

Ollie the dog covered in snow

Talia in Farnborough sent us this photo of her friend's dog, Ollie, after she said he'd tried to take all the snow out of her garden! Looks like he was doing a pretty good job...

Cameron with his brothers Seth and Archie and their giant snowman

Brothers Cameron, Seth and Archie built this giant snowman in Essex with their six-month-old husky Suka. When they'd finished, they said the snowman was bigger than their mum!

Tilly's rabbits in the snow

These cute rabbits look a bit unsure of the snow in Cornwall. They were caught on camera by Tilly who said she was having great fun in the snow with her mates.

Ben with his snowman in Mansfield

Ben spent ages making this snowman during an unexpected day off from school on Monday, but it was back to lessons on Tuesday.

Jonathon's snow dalek

And nine-year-old Jonathon got creative with some kitchen utensils in the snow in Essex to make this snow Dalek.


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